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Modern Foreign Languages (French) at Markington School

At Markington Primary School we value the importance of language teaching.  We believe that it provides opportunities for children beyond the academic gaining of knowledge; offering the opportunity to discover a world beyond the local environment – learning about countries, cultures and customs.  It deepens their understanding of the world and the potential opportunities in the future for studying and working abroad, or for conversing in a social situation.  It provides the cultural capital they need to succeed in life and encourages children to appreciate and celebrate difference. 

We aim to develop pupils who transition to secondary school proficient as ‘early language learners’ and who go on to build on the firm foundations we have provided.  We make learning relevant, and creative positive attitudes towards the learning of another language, through carefully planned activities which encourage children to be curious.  We want pupils to be confident and engaged in their learning of a new language, and therefore we offer a well-planned, spiral curriculum which provides opportunities to help enhance the understanding of the etymology of language, revisit previous learning and build their knowledge progressively.

At Markington School, we follow the National Curriculum for modern foreign languages, and pupils at our school are taught French.

French Breakfast

Madame Maclean treated KS2 to a French Breakfast as a finale to their current unit of work 'Le Petit Dejeuner'.


At Markington School children in KS2 will meet a new unit of work each half term.  

The vocabulary teaching covers topic-specific, and generic words...enabling children to build on previous learning. 

Children at Markington begin learning French in Year 3. Our curriculum enables all children in our mixed-age classes to access their learning and make progress, with children developing greater vocabulary and knowledge of language structure, as they progress through KS2.

La jungle - Y3

Ma famille - Y4

La jungle - Y6

Les cadeaux - Y5