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Teaching Staff

These descriptions were written by the Y5/6 children (who were asked to try and use adventurous punctuation).

Miss Dawson – The school’s Head teacher – sometimes teaches class three science. She is a really nice teacher {especially when she hands out the certificates}.

Miss Dawson has 1 child {Izaac} and 2 dogs Tiggy and Kite. We think she is the nicest Head teacher in the world.

By Billy Y5

Mrs Mayes Class One Teacher

Mrs Mayes teaches reception and year1.  She is super kind and is gentle - so she doesn’t scare the little children.  She also arranges science for the school. Mrs Mayes has two children. When she has spare time she enjoys walking, gardening and reading.

By Ben Y5 & Jack Y6


Mrs Maltas teaches Class 2 on Mondays. Mrs Maltas is very kind and very clever. She is a really good teacher. We like her maths lessons because they are very interesting. She enjoys cooking and likes going on holiday. She loves the Lake District and cats.

George & Ben

Mrs Robinson Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Robinson teaches class two, she is very sporty and into PE.

She used to teach: Reception, Year One and Two, and now she teaches Year Three and Four.

Mrs Robinson doesn’t shout a lot and she isn’t too strict but, she does still get everyone to work .She teaches all subjects so: Science, Maths, English, PE, RE. She has a talent with helping everyone individually.

When she is not in school teaching, she likes to take part in various marathons and running activities. At sports day Mrs Robinson organises activities (we go round the sports field doing mini activities).

By Thea

Mrs Lyman

Mrs Lyman is the best teacher in the world.  She makes learning fun (yes parents fun). She is a beaver at maths and she loves English. Mrs Lyman gives us homework every week (that’s the bad bit). Also she has an obsession with post-it-notes - she loves them. She loves teaching children.  She says it’s her dream job teacher.

She is the teacher of Year 5/6

by Thomas Y6


Support Staff


Mrs Harris

Mrs Harris is the Y5/6 teaching assistant.  She is the home-school link worker and also teaches French to Y3/4/5/6.   She is in daily (except for Tuesdays).  

She is very kind and helpful and likes: sports, other teachers – and a good class!

She has worked here for 16 years and is very good at her job.  She can be very strict and she is very nice and cheerful.

By Liam


Sam is a teaching assistant who helps in Class 1.  She also does afterschool club – which runs from 3:15 to 5:30 (this gives parents time to get back from work and tidy up before it gets messy again).

I used to go to afterschool club; she made it fun and exciting. We did all sorts of exciting things.

Zach and Billy are her sons (she also has one called Josh who’s in secondary school!). With flowing dark-red hair, she helps in most classes. She likes to eat Chinese food.

By Toby Y6 & Samarth Y5

Mrs Benson

Mrs Benson is a teaching assistant. She comes in on Tuesdays-and occasionally comes in on other days. When she comes in she does spelling with children who need some practice.

Mrs Benson likes: making us all happy; laughter; smiles and people who have a very good sense of humour (she has a good one too).   She friendly to everyone and never ever shouts at anyone.

She usually sets a weekly competition and the winner gets a prize. The competitions are things like: What’s in the wrapping paper?; How long the spaghetti is and how many grains of rice can fit on a teaspoon.

Mrs Benson is really nice teaching assistant.

By Ollie Y5 & Charlotte Y6

Mrs Maher - School Administrator and world's greatest multi-tasker!

Mrs Maher not only sits in her office working, but manages to cram in loads of other jobs too, such as:

Bringing the teachers cups of tea;

Bringing biscuits to go with the tea;


Sneaking about, adding to the mountain of letters Mrs Lyman needs to hand out;

Dressing up as gangster granny - (world book day);

Tidying the library when she can’t stand the mess;

Watching in despair as her newly tidied library explodes into a whirlwind of untidiness;

…and after all that she still manages to attend sewing club in her lunchtime!

By Maddie Y6

Mrs McDonnell

Mrs McDonnell is a teaching assistant in: Year 2/3/4 on most days, but also in reception, Y1, Y5/6!   She also does after school club along with Sam (Mrs Thomson). She is a very nice, happy person ; and a very good teaching assistant.

After school club is a club run by Sam- also known as Mrs Thomson- and Mrs McDonnell. It starts at the end of school (3.15pm) to 5.30pm it is very good and is run very well.

 She has 2 daughters called Jessica and Emily; they are in the 1 and 2 class room. She also likes white tea.

By Will Y5 & Karenza Y6


Meg is a great caretaker. She cleans everything in the school!  Meg comes in when the children aren’t at school (so don`t let your kids in school at Midnight!) She always does a good job at cleaning the classroom and there is never a spot of anything when we come in in the morning.

What she cleans is: the boy`s toilets, disgusting; the girl`s toilets, also disgusting; the library, to dust all the books; all the classrooms (picking up pencils, pen and glue sticks); and upstairs.

She is super-sweet and has blonde hair. She has two children and she is young.

By Oliver Y5 & Jess Y6



Rev Paul is our Vicar. He is nice, kind and thoughtful person. He visits our school and we have Collective Worship with him.